Mixed messages

Hi I’m Mitzi, currently researching two items that will go on display in July.

One is Judith Duffey’s Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – a contemporary knitted piece linked to questions of home/safety, gender and textile-art. There is so much relevant material – Just the other day my friend mentioned to me about their ‘yarn bombing’ – knitting graffiti – activities on the streets of Manchester and Salford – unfortunately I don’t think I’ll fit it in to the Fact Files!

The second piece I’m researching is an Ibo Masquerade costume from the 19th Century. Although I am a Social Anthropology graduate this is proving to be the most difficult piece to contextualise! There is so much that anthropology can say about masquerade costumes but anthropologists have to be careful not to place an object in a generic, over-romanticised, timeless realm of ‘Africa’ or ignore the very real possibility this object may have been a prestige item given by tribesmen or confiscated by government officials as a symbol of colonial power. Its hard but I’m getting there!

Contemporary masquerade from http://www.skidmorescope.edu

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